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Aliya & Co. LLP-is a Kazakhstan environmental company providing a full range of works in the field of ecology, Geology, sanitary and hygienic, anti-epidemic activities, radiation, industrial safety, as well as mining, chemical and oil and gas fields.

Contact: 030000, Aktobe, Sankibay Batyr avenue In 74 "B" Tel.: 8(7132) 950-929, 8(7132) 959-408, 8(7132) 908-925, 8(7132) 760-926, 760-927 e-mail:, site:

"DICK oil"LLP-carries out activities in the sphere of rendering services in technical diagnostics of the main, technological pipelines, coppers, vessels and pipelines working on under pressure, tanks, load-lifting cranes, elevators and lifting mechanisms, drilling rigs, drilling equipment. Radiographic inspection of welded joints and metal (radioisotope and x-ray flaw detection).

Contact: 030000, Aktobe, Sankibay Batyr avenue In 74 "B" Tel: 8 (7132) 905312 Fax: 8 (7132) 950929, +7 701 643-15-88 e-mail: site:

Technoservice LLP-Expert works: • Carrying out control by non-destructive methods of the trade and drilling equipment • Carrying out control of welded connections by non-destructive methods at installation of the main product pipelines and a metalwork • Carrying out technical survey of the vessels and devices working under pressure • Carrying out mechanical tests of materials and their welded connections

Contacts: Aktobe, Maresyev str., 95A,Of.36 Tel: 8(7132)56-81-91, 737-925 e-mail:

LLP "Alym Engineering"- operates in the field of civil and industrial construction, offers services in the field of architectural and urban planning, as well as expert work and engineering services in the Western region of Kazakhstan.

Contacts: Aktobe, Zhubanova 15/1A, office 24 Tel: 8(7132) 73-82-50 site: e-mail:

defectoscopy LLP- renders services in repair of the oil and gas field and chemical equipment, quality control of welded connections

Contacts: 16, sankibay Batyr Ave., Aktobe city Tel: 8(7132) 55-81-66 e-mail:

CHU "Certification center for nondestructive testing"- provides services for training and certification of nondestructive testing specialists, development of technology for nondestructive testing of welded structures and products, performance of works on flaw detection and inspection of metal structures with the issuance of conclusions on nondestructive testing.

Contacts: Karaganda, ul tulepova, 14 phone: 8 (7212) 505-663 Fax.: 8 (7212) 97-04-17 e-mail: site:

LLP "quality control Center"- offers services for non-destructive and destructive testing, both in the laboratory and on the industrial site of the customer.

Contacts: 060000 Atyrau, MD. Ardager, passage 2/34 phone: 8(7122)30-95-54 e-mail: site:

NDT Service LLP- provides a full range of traditional and Advanced inspection, non-destructive testing and heat treatment services throughout Kazakhstan.

Contacts: 060009 Atyrau, Druzhby str., 1 phone: 8(7122)355-399 e-mail: site:

LLP "Kazakhstan center for training and certification in the field of non-destructive testing and welding"- provides scientific and technical services in the field of industrial safety.

Contacts: 010000, Astana, St Tauyelsyzdyk, 43/3, of.Twenty eight phone: 8(7172) 464-717 e-mail: site:

LLP "Teniz arystany"- conducts training in the following areas: 1. Safety and labor protection at the enterprise. 2. Industrial safety at hazardous production facilities.3. Certification of specialists of welding production from I to IV level ( NAKS RK ). 4. Transportation of dangerous goods by road.

Contacts: Atyrau,156/2 Azattyk Ave phone: 8(7122) 30-68-14, 30-95-54 e-mail: site:

Main activities LLP "SAPA INTERSYSTEM" - conformity assessment within the State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, standardization, work in the field of industrial safety, work in the field of licensing, certification and control tests of products in the declared field of accreditation, work in the field of design

Contacts: Almaty, ul. Tashkent 473A/2 tel.: +7(727) 3991111, 399-85-40, 399-85-41 Fax: +7(727) 3991111 e-mail:, site:

"BATYS ONDIRIS – KURYLYS SERVIS"LLP - examination in the field of industrial safety; training, professional development of specialists in the field of industrial safety; development of the Declaration of industrial safety; non-destructive testing.

Contacts: G. Aksai phone: (871133) 36410, 30501 e-mail:

"KIOS"LLP - is a Kazakh company founded in 1999. OFFICES: located in Aksai, 1,500 sq. m.

Contacts: G. Aksai tel.: 8 (7122) 27-10-56, 8 (7122) 27-10-48 e-mail: site:

Main activities gimarat Kurylys I LLP -is architectural, town-planning and construction activity, construction and installation works, production of construction materials, products and designs, expert and engineering services in the sphere of architectural, town-planning and construction activity.

Contacts: Shymkent, MD "Samal-2» phone: 8(7252) 428-428 e-mail: site:

Batys Prom Expertize LLP is a service company providing industrial safety services and related services in the oil and Gas industry.

Contacts: Aktau, 3 B MD, BC "Hakim» phone: 8 701 7972205 e-mail: site:

LLP "KZ RONTGEN Ltd" -is a company providing services in the field of non-destructive testing and construction and installation works.

Contacts: Kulsary, ul. 232, 40/4 phone: 8 778 7778935 e-mail: e-mail: site:

LLP "IC Kazenergonaladka" -is engaged in adjustment and testing of electric equipment, design of engineering systems, and also carrying out examinations for objects of different degree of complexity.

Contacts: Almaty, Abai Ave. 52, Building 1, KAB.727. phone: 8(727) 313-10-17 e-mail: site:

LLP "M. NDT Group" -is a company providing services in the field of non-destructive testing.

Contacts: Aktobe, MD.Selmash 194. phone: 87752576712, 87027657585 e-mail: site:

JSC Ust-Kamenogorsk plant of industrial valves -one of the largest machine-building enterprises of Kazakhstan for the production of pipeline valves and oilfield equipment

Contacts: 070001, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Ostrovsky street, 49 tel: tel:+7 (7232) 70-57-45 e-mail: site:

Training and consulting center "Kostanay tyrek" -carries out the following activities: - Educational; - Certification of production facilities on working conditions; - Research and experimental activities; - Examination in the field of industrial safety - Development of normative legal acts in the field of industrial safety.

Contacts: 110000, Kostanay, Tarana, 83, 511 tel.: +7 (7142) 53-45-66, +7 (777) 114 81 96 e-mail: site:

KAZ-EN LLP -the company on management of industrial welding was created in Atyrau in 2002 and today it continues to carry out the activity for development and design.

Contacts: Atyrau, M. Monkeuly str., 6A phone: +7 7122-36-59-83 e-mail: site:

defkon LLP - development and examination of the Declaration on industrial safety, development of duplicate passports of cranes, vessels, etc. Inspection of cranes and vessels. Obtaining permission to use the equipment. Examination of projects in the field of industrial safety. Training, retraining professional development of specialists in the field of industrial safety.

Contacts: Aktau, MD 29 "A", building №43 phone: 87292-337-505, 87292-400-189 e-mail: site:

"Gas oil Diagnostics"LLP - provides non-destructive testing services using ionizing radiation sources.

Contacts: 050000 Almaty, ul. Kazybek Bi, 119 "B", office 11 tel: +7 (727) 34 171 34 Fax: +7 (727) 34 171 44 e-mail: site:

"ARDCON"LLP - was founded in 2015. The company is an independent expert organization and has its own certified laboratory of NK. The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment for non-destructive testing, as well as has a rich material, regulatory framework and specializes in the provision of services for industrial safety and quality control of products at hazardous production facilities.

Contacts: 100012 RK, Karaganda, ul. Lenina 81/3, office 203 bodies: +7 (7212) 360630, + 7 (708) 4360630 e-mail: site:

LLP "construction Engineering Astana" - was established in 2003 and provides services in the field of analysis of production processes, development of plans for the introduction of new technologies, calculations of energy and material resources, development of regulations of all categories of all levels of complexity, as well as other services in the field of engineering consulting.

Contact:010000, Astana, MDN. Chubar, str.Ondasynov 45 tel.:8 (7172) 241-627, 8 (7172) 245-522 e-mail: site:

NDT Engineering LLP - nondestructive testing laboratory. Provides a range of services for technical diagnosis, control, inspection and examination of equipment, materials and welded joints ― both during construction and in the process of reconstruction and operation of these facilities.

Contacts:010000, Astana, ul S. Kudaiberdiev 28/66 phone:8777 100-07-58, 8 (7172) 62-55-17 e-mail: site:

NDT - flaw Detection LLP -renders services in non-destructive testing of welded connections.

Contact:130000, Aktau, microdistrict 3"b", d. 20, Building LLP "ATTS" tel.:87014719122, 8 (7292) 30 – 88 – 15 e-mail:

Caspian certification Center LLP - Service for examination of the origin of goods, testing and confirmation of conformity of products and management system.

Contacts:Aktau, 3"B" MD., business center "Dias", 315-318 cab. tel.:8 (7292) 60 – 91 – 09, 8 (7292) 60 – 91 – 10 e-mail: e.astafurova@ site:

LLP "Alimay" - Equipment for tapping and overlapping of pipeline sections under pressure allows to replace defective sections of pipelines, repair or installation of valves, valves and other types of pipeline reconstruction without stopping the product transportation. In addition to tapping under pressure, we provide services in-line inspection and pipeline cleaning, as well as supply a treatment of the pigs, quick opening closures for cameras of the launch and reception of the tie-in devices, composite repair coupling, signaling the passage of a scraper, the scraper detection detectors and other associated equipment to ensure pipeline integrity.

Contacts:Atyrau, 060003, Satpaeva str. 21 B, office 6 phone:+7 (7122) 202872; Fax: +7 (7122) 202872; Cell:+7 701 511 4207 e-mail:

Kazakh specialized repair and adjustment enterprise LLP - Performance of contract services on audit, adjustment, current and capital repairs of load-lifting mechanisms of all types – bridge, portal, gantry cranes, elevators of cargo and passenger, mine lifting installations.

Contact:Ust-Kamenogorsk, 341/1 independence Avenue phone:Reception: +7 (7232) 53-31-31; PTO: +7(7232) 53-30-53 e-mail: site:

technocran LLP - carries out activity in the sphere of rendering services in technical diagnostics of pipelines, coppers, vessels working on under pressure, tanks, load-lifting cranes, elevators and lifting mechanisms, drilling rigs, the drilling equipment. Construction and installation works of the III category. Services of testing laboratory of nondestructive testing for metal flaw detection, welded joints, bearing metal structures. Performance-and-commissioning operation of boilers with the issuance of sensitive cards. Preparation of passports (duplicates) and operational documentation of lifting facilities, cranes, crane tracks, elevators, boilers, vessels, pipelines, working under pressure, tanks, drilling and oil and gas equipment. Preparation of documents for obtaining a license, permission to work at industrial facilities. Development, agreement, examination of model projects for conservation and insulation-decommissioning of wells. Training and professional development services for production personnel through the organization of courses and training seminars.

Contacts:030020, Aktobe, Maresyev street 77/3 (Jur.address), Zhastar str., 16 (fact.address) phone: 8 (7132) 54-56-95, 90-77-65 e-mail:

ARMZ neftegazservice LLP» - Providing services to the oil companies of RK; Replacement of valves of the fountain fittings under pressure, without killing of a well; Capital, current repairs of shutoff valves; Delivery of wellhead seals made on the basis of the copyright certificate; Delivery of the oil equipment; Selection and delivery of the oil demulsifier, ASPO; Drawing a protective covering on tubing and delivery;

Contacts:010000, Astana, Almaty district, ZHM "Energetik", sargul street -13 phone: 8(7172) 50-69-60; 24-92-01 e-mail:


joint Stock company "sredazenergomontazh Trust» - Joint stock company "Trust Sredazenergomontazh" is a construction and installation company specializing in production facilities, also performing the functions of management of companies in the fuel and energy sector in the field of construction of thermal power plants, installation, repair and reconstruction of thermal power equipment. The company with a rich 75-year history occupies a leading position in the Kazakhstan market of installation, reconstruction and repair of thermal power equipment.

Contacts: 050004, RK, Almaty, Abylay Khan Ave., 56, tel. tel.: +7 (727) 273 45 08, 273-91-01, 273-15-37; Fax: +7 (727) 273 34 72; site: e-mail:


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